No clothes...for a year?!?!?!

Happy New Year! There's lots happening this year that I am pretty excited about so I'll be writing often!

Everyone has new years resolutions...I have two major ones (TBA at a later date) and a bunch of small little ones.

Among the small little ones is the reason for this blog post and while some of you may find it silly, I think the process and outcome will actually be interesting to see what happens when you remove something so small in your life that is usually just a fun every once in a while activity.

Which clothes shopping is to me.

I work in a uniform and spend most of my non working life in a bikini. It's not that I am a shopaholic or even in the stores every day, but there are times when I find myself craving a Marshalls trip and walking out of there with a bunch of really un-needed items. And every year I find myself rummaging through my closet and drawers trying to 'declutter'. I'm not the "tying to live on less" type or anything like that, and I really do enjoy adventures more than material things, but I work very hard and I do enjoy spoiling myself with whatever my little heart desires (material or not). This being said, I am not a junk collector and I do enjoy not having clutter around the house. The one area that always needed help was the closet. Being the same size since high school, I kept a lot of clothes just for random reasons. To attempt to declutter that area of my life last year I did the "hanger trick" where I turned all my hangers backwards. When I wore something, I turned it the 'right' way and whatever wasnt turned by the end of the year, no matter how much I liked it, I donated it. If you dont wear it in a year, you prob dont even remember you have it. It worked so well I started on it for another year.

However, this year I have made a new test---no clothes shopping for a year. Nada. No underwear, no bathing suits, no nada. I'm not on a budget constraint, in fact I think its good to reward your hard work with treats every once in a while, but I just wanna try to be more creative on the things I already have as well as test my self control with things that I usually take for granted. I mean if it comes down to my undies all getting holes in them or none of my bathing suits staying on anymore, then I will have to go ahead and purchase something, but other than that NADA.

I started with the last day of 2015 in Marshalls picking up some last "necessary" things which I only walked out with 4 items and surprised myself!

So far I am only half way though the first month, and already a lot has gone through my mind.

Normally, I wouldnt even have thought about clothes at this moment bc usually in Jan I am focused on the year ahead. It isnt until really Feb or March that I wander in to look at the new threads. But for some reason I have thought a lot about clothes. Actually, I should say thought a lot about clothes, but I have thought a lot about not being able to get them when I want them. Weird huh?

I was even in a sporting store picking up some items when I came across a MAD bikini sale and found myself rummaging through the racks, coming out holding 3 really cute bikinis. I tried to talk myself into just buying them bc they 'dont count' (how is that even possible, I just said no bikinis!) and I am super proud of myself that I actually put them back on the rack!

Its funny, bc like I said earlier, I really dont shop for clothes a lot. But I am used to buying whatever I want, whenever I want it. So this test is interesting and I am looking forward to seeing the struggles that I (and many others) come across when removing something that is so routine (even if its something so mundane) from our lives.

What is it for you? Is it clothes? Coffee? Makeup?

And I'm not gonna lie, I'm already looking forward to that first Marhslls trip in 2017! haha!