Comfort Zonessssss

Im a weird kind of athlete. I've always been super active, very competitive and usually pretty successful without training much. Growing up, I HATED to practice. I played highly competitive softball my whole life, and one of my pitching coaches during my years quit on me because I never practiced. Yikes. Even when I was young and I had piano lessons…every week the teacher would get mad because I would come back and not remember a thing. Oops. There were some sports that I didn't mind to practice a little. Soccer, waterpolo, they were pretty cool. Surfing is great because its so much fun all the time and no matter what you are spending hours "training" but not even thinking thats what you are doing, so if you want to learn things, you could prob do it very fast if you are obsessed like me. But SUP racing---its a completely different monster. The sport of SUP takes an incredible amount of work to even imagine keeping up with the competition. When you add in a career, (and I can't even imagine kids, and other responsibilities that we each have) it is exhausting. Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to do it full time and train train train! So, we just jam in what we can and hope for the best. Now that the SUP "season" started its been more like--- wake up, go to work, come home exhausted, and train before dinner. Eat then pass out. I say train before dinner, but honestly I should be doing a heck of a lot more than I already do. The season has started off pretty decent for me, with a win and two other podium finishes out of the three races so far. We are at the middle of March now and there are some fun races coming up that Im looking forward to, and also some great races that I will be missing (thanks a lot career! boo!!) haha…okay okay I am very thankful that I have a job that allows me so much, but a girl has to complain at times! This brings me to my point. You know when you wake up in the morning before work and you have all these visions of coming home and doing this killer workout and just being so pumped during it ?? But then you spend 8 hours in a draining work world and you come home completely drained, just plain out exhausted and the last thing you want to do is the plan you had when you wake up feeling refreshed…yeah….well, Im learning that you just have to push through and do it. This really goes for any sport. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Maxing out. SUP has really taught me what it takes to work hard. All those years of skipping practice and still being great will not work anymore. But the greatest part is, I'm motivated to keep getting better. I want to get better and stronger. I want to see myself improve. It isn't supposed to be easy because if it was anyone would do it. Its not easy…but its worth it. Be proud of yourself…you worked hard. You don't have to be the best or the fastest out there, but if you are trying your hardest and pushing yourself as much as you can and still smiling in the end…there's nothing better.