Massage Mondays <3

Just got out of an amazing massage!

One of my favorite things in this world is massage…even if it is only getting my feet rubbed for a few minutes (thank you awesome boyfriend!) Seriously, I don't know what my body would do without my hot tub, my massage therapist and my chiropractor...

But typically after an 8 hour work day I am doing everything I can to cram in a workout and a good dinner, plus any other insane activity that might pop up during the week.

Of course, I don't think much about it until season comes, but when I start to kick up my training just a notch my body definitely lets me know. You train and train and train, and of course don't stretch enough and then suddenly you have pain everywhere… one area of pain leads to another and FINALLY you run to your chiropractor and massage therapist ,and they look at you like 'see..we told you to come in more often…"When I get out of there I feel like a million bucks and swear that I will come more regularly, esp. during the season.

There are so many benefits to massage and chriopractics. Massage dilates the blood vessels and promotes circulation, which reduces muscle soreness and helps improve the range of motion by moving all the oxygen throughout the body. It helps you recover faster and helps prevent injuries and improves your performance. I mean the benefits are indefinite.

My poor massage therapist, Amanda, gets a workout when she works on me, but seriously I couldn't function without her. And thank you Jason Cheshire for keeping me aligned all these years!!

Your body is your temple. Its your machine. So you need to keep it healthy and running smooth. And YES, as hard as it is to do this (trust me I know) you can go a day without training…(unless there are waves)…and go get a rub down!

ps...if you need a good massage therapist in south Florida, go see Amanda Benedict at Health it is Theraputic

and Jason Cheshire for chiropractics at Pompano Beach Chiropractic Clinic. He's the best