Motivational Monday

Today is Monday.. If you are anything like me, the amount of coffee that is needed for Monday is pretty sickening...You come straight off this awesome weekend and put right back into your reality check. Theres nothing I'd rather be doing right now than driving up and down the coast looking for surf and sticking my toes in the sand

Not that I'm complaining about my job, because it pays the bills, but I'd much rather be...not here LOL

So I usually use Monday as a tool to get motivated for the rest of the week. This includes browsing around pinterest for some motivation and even a few laughs.

Here are some I found today that got me going so I figured I'd share to help your day go a little more smooth!

Happy Monday friends!

Go be creative!

So when I got to work it was going down like this...

But then I took a breath and stumbled upon this..which of can you not laugh...?

a little motivation...

And of course..then the truth :)



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