Tuesday Tools

Morning!! Happy Tuesday! I have two things today. First is a simple lesson about surf etiquette…this goes for SUP too. It is super important to learn if you do not know, and for those who already know to see it again and remember what's up out there!


Second thing is for my fellow wahines! And when I say wahine, I'm talking EVERY water chick out there…surfer, SUP, swimmer, prone, scuba diver, underwater basket weaving… So- I like to keep my nails painted…but of course I can't afford to goto the salon every 2 weeks, and my polish would never ever saty on for more than a day, even if i was just gardening or at the beach without going in the water. That was until I found this Sally Hansen miracle gel top coat. You don't need an UV light. You simply paint your nails with whatever polish you want, let it dry completely, and then paint a coat (I paint two) on of this gel. Wala! Seriously, it dries pretty quick and it will keep on your polish for about 2 weeks. I have spent endless hours in the water, sand, and everywhere with this stuff and it doesn't chip!! THANK GOD FINALLY!!! The greatest thing is its only about $7 per bottle!! Just wanted to share!