Race Essentials


Well I wasn't planning on racing until March but this weekend there's a race in Islamorada and who can actually pass up a reason to go there and play in the water with some fun people? Not this girl...

So...I have warned my awesome massage therapist, Amanda, that next week will be interesting considering the fact that my "off season" was exactly what it means...off...completely! Am I ready for 6-8 miles? No. Am I going to anyways? Well, duh! Everyone knows standup paddle racers are into self-inflicted pain!

Anyways, this brought me to dust off the ole race gear and grab my must haves.

For me this is, first and foremost, my tunes. I mean seriously, I cannot paddle .5 miles without music. (It's that bad...) I even go as far as bringing back up tunes JUST INCASE my battery decides not to work! Can you imagine hearing yourself trying to breathe for an hour and a half? No thanks!

Of course, life would not be complete without my RK hat. Then- my go to Roxy bikini to keep the girls nice and snug, these sweet new Oakleys and can never ever forget my vestpac to keep me hydrated... I still have not figured out how to properly dry the inside of the bladder of these things though. I have tried to prop it up with something to let air in-fail. My hand wont fit to wipe inside, blowing in it makes me dizzy, my hairdryer might melt it (although I have never tried the cool setting)...So any input on this would be GREAT!!

Last but not least- my watch. Yep, so I have this awesome watch...I wear it...and I never ever forget to turn it on when the race starts. Maybe Saturday will be the day...

That's pretty much all I need. Its definately more than a surfboard and a leash, but its not too much I guess. :)

What are your race essentials???

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