Paddle/Strength Training Programs

If you are looking to increase your performance at ANY level and ANY distance (short-ultra distance), I'm here to create a training program to you, suited to your schedule and goals.


I have plans for on the water, off the water, or both mixed!




Paddle & Strength Programming



Initial consult


Weekly check in on progress


Weekly personalized training plan, both on and off the water


Only Paddle OR Strength Programming



Initial consult


Weekly check in on progress


Weekly personalized training plan, in EITHER SUP or land based training.

Nutrition Programs

Our bodies, lives and goals are in constant motion, so why shouldnt our nutrition plans be set to maximize full potential of our bodies, regardless of what its doing?


Whether you are looking to lose a couple pounds, 100 pounds, train for short distance or ultra distance events, run, weight lift, SUP or even just simply maintain your physique, I'm here for you!


But how do I do this? I get it. Sometimes you find a fad diet that tends to work here and there, but then it stops. Or it works for your friend but doesnt work for you. Or you just need to get those dang last few pounds off, but cant figure it out. Or you are at a plateau, but your training is on point, yet you still cant set a new PR. 

Guess what? A lot, if not all, of it has to do with your nutrition. The fuels you are putting in your body.


So, what am I for? Through my sports nutrition/health and human performance/athlete background, I am here to help you reach whatever goal you have and to become healthier, stronger and faster from the inside out.  I dont provide a set template program or a fad-one-fits-all diet program. I get to know each and every individual I work with in order to create reachable, maintainable programs that meet their personal goals.





Initial consult, including goals, macros, event planning, etc.

Weekly monitoring of MyFitnessPal w adjustments as needed

Unlimited emails

Personalized macronutrient and supplement plan

Body stat tracking (if possible)

Meal adjustment help (NOT MEAL PLANS)

Custom Nutrition Programming



I am a certifited sports nutritionist (CISSN), and Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance and also offer a variety of lessons in SUP, surf, dryland fitness and nutrition and training programs for individuals and groups! Beginner to advanced athletes!


I'm looking forward to working with you!


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