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My life has always revolved around being active, healthy, fit and into many sports.  I started surfing when I was 19 years old on a longboard and haven't stopped since.  Living in Florida it can often be flat, so I caved into the SUP world in late 2013 and have been SUP surfing and racing.  I have had some amazing experiences around the world, inculding competing in the Molokai to Oahu, world championship SUP race, a 32 mile channel crossing in Hawaii, and an experience I will never forget.


June 27, 2018 I set a world record, being the first female to standup paddleboard 115 miles fro Cuba to Key West.


Participating in surfing and SUP is not only my personal passion but I also love spreading the aloha.  I host, alongside Roray Kam, one of the east coasts biggest SUP races, The RK Sunshine SUP Series and am one of the head coaches for the Broward County Special Olympics SUP team.

I have been a member of the Broward County Surfrider Foundation Chapter since the beginning of the chapter, one of the original start up crew of Surfers for Autism, a member of South Florida Longboard Association and the second girl in 50 years to be nominated into the Greenback Surf Club. 


I hold a PhD in Health and Human Performance and am a certified sports nutritionist (CISSN) and also lead a sup fitness group, as well as instruct private lessons and clinics in SUP, SUP surfing and regular surfing.  I have developed land based training and nutrition programs to assist in everything from getting stronger as an athlete, paddleboarder or just an all around healthy lifestyle.



The ocean is my life and I'd love to share the stoke with you!





SUP Results


World Record Set, 115 miles, Cuba to Key West

3rd Place female Sunshine SUP Series


1st Place woman SUP Surf Delray Surf Fest

2nd Place woman longboard Delray Surf Fest

1st Place 12'6 woman 965-305 Long Course Race

3rd Place women longboard NKF surf contest

1st place women SUP Surf  NKF surf contest

3rd place overall female 14' stock, Maui to Molokai

1st place overall female Orange Bowl Championship

2nd place overall elite female, Rincon Beach Boy

2nd place open female eastern sup surf circuit 2016 overall


1st place open female eastern sup surf citcuit contest #2

6th Place overall woman Molokai to Oahu world championships

3rd place, Open womens pro, ESSC contest #1

1st place womens SUP Surf contest, Waterman's Challenge

1st place overall female elite, FL State Paddleboard Championships

2nd Place Elite Female, Orange Bowl Paddleboard Championship

4th place Elite Female, Key West Classic

1st Place overall Elite Female, Rincon Beach Boy

1st Place, BOT, Miami

2nd Place, Elite 8 Mile, Flying Fish Paddle Challenge, Stuart, FL

3rd Place, Elite 10 Mile, Neptunalia Challenge, Melbourne, FL.2015

3rd Place, Open Womens Shortboard, Delray Beach Surf Fest

2nd place, Open Womens Longboard, Delray Beach Surf Fest

1st Place Open Womens SUP Surf, Delray Beach Surf Fest

1st Place SUP Race,overall Female, Delray Beach Surf Fest, SUP Race Nov



3rd place Open Female SUP Surf ESSC, Oct 2015

1st Place, Overall Female, Haliewa Joes Race Hawaii, Sept 2015

1st Place, Elite 6 mile, Sunshine SUP Series, August 2015

1st Place, Elite 6 mile, Sunshine SUP Series June 2015

2nd place, Elite 7 mile, Battle on the Blueway, May 2015

3rd Place, Elite 8 mile, Orange Bowl Paddleboard Championships, May 2015

1st Place, Elite 5 mile, Florida State Paddleboard Championships, Cocoa Beach, April 2015

1st place, Elite  6 mile,  Indian Creek Showdown, Miami Beach, March 8 2015

2nd Place, Elite 6 mile,  RK OceanGear Pier2Pier race, Feb 28 2015



1st place overall. Ft. Lauderdale Turkey Trot, November 27 2014October 4

2014 Battle of the Paddle Salt Creek Elite finisher

3rd place age distance race; 5th overall 12’6 division, Battle of the Paddle Salt Creek, October 5 2014

3rd place, Elite 6 mile, Sunshine SUP Series,  August, Pompano Beach

3rd place, Elite 6 mile, Daytona Paddle Stars, July

2nd place Elite, 7mile, Flying Fish Paddle Challenge, July

1st place, Ship to Shore, Ft Lauderdale

2nd place Elite, 12mile Key West Paddleboard Classic, May

2nd place Elite, 4mi Deerfield Beach Surfers for Autism, April

3rd place Elite,8mi, Beach and Boards Fest Cocoa Beach, March2013

1st place Elite, 6.8mi, Miami Virginia Key Race, December

1st place Elite, 2mi, Ft. Lauderdale Turkey Trot, November

1st place, 4mi Miami La Roota Race, November

1st palce, 4mi  Paddle for the Cure Palm Beach, October

3rd place Elite- 6mi Triple Crown Islamorada, October

3rd place Elite- 6mi Triple Crown Islamorada, Sept.

1st place, 3mi Quicksilver Watermans Race, Deerfield Beach, Sept.


2014 Ladies Fish Off- Top female angler